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Rodrigues Garrancho, Maria
April 1935 - June 2020
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Today oh lord I give you my mother, My angel, my guide, my inspiration. Through her life she has shown us no suffering and pain, only sharing it with you. Now, In your arms she rests, a tired and suffered soul. She has given her heart to only you my lord. For you have carried her through life’s anguishes, allowing her the strength to carry her children on her shoulders, through darkness and light. Never flinching at the obstacles in her path. She has seen the good and the bad the world has to offer, but to only forgive! She has traveled across the world in the hope for a better life of which it never came. But your strength carried her day after day to bring joy to us while suffering deep in her heart. Now she enters a place foreign to us all but inspired by you, the promise of peace, comfort and tranquility. The shedding of the body and the freeing of the spirit. Amen!

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